The most unique and wonderful aspect of our planet is its great variety of life. Innumerable species of plants and animals, each having its characteristic features in terms of looks and lifestyles, have evolved and flourished over the ages. Many have perished in the process and many are on the verge of extinction. The story of life on this planet is the struggle and adaptation of success and failure, and of survival of the fittest.

How did first life come into being? How did it get such varied forms? Did all life forms emerge at the same time? Were our ancestors all human beings? These are basically the issues this gallery essentially address to.

Man, the latest mammal on the earth, is also the most intelligent. Evolution of modern man from primates is a story of the triumphs of brain over body, tools over bare hands, and knowledge over ignorance.

The gallery portrays the origin and evolution of life on earth under three sections viz.

  1. Life through ages
  2. Evolution, Evidence and Mechanism
  3. Ecology and Evolution

The presentation follows an evolutionary sequence but avoids the monotony of systematic classification. The presentations not only provide useful general information to the common visitors but also serve as effective supplements to the school curriculum for the benefit of the student community.

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