Mirrors and Images Gallery

Mirrors! Mirrors! What a wonderful experience awaits you in the mirror section of the gallery! Navigate through the mesmerizing ‘Mirror Maze’ or ‘BhulBhulaiya’ and enjoy being lost in the maze created by mirrors. Behold with baited breath an ‘Infinite Well’ right on the gallery floor or watch an infinitely long train in the exhibit ‘Infinite Train’. See how a large hall fits into a small cabinet in the exhibit ‘Giant Hall’ or ‘Dine with Yourself’ in a mirrored dining room. Do not miss taking a snap of the severed head of your friend on a fruit plate in the exhibit ‘Head on a Platter’ and become the focus of attention in the exhibit ‘All Eyes on You’.
In the exhibit ‘Images of Bihar’, you can get to know about the important places in Bihar by browsing through a map of Bihar on the monitor screen.
Discover and enjoy the magical power of digital electronics in the ‘TV Studio’ where you can also fly in air using the special technique called ‘Chroma Keying’.
Besides these, there are exhibits that explain the basic laws and principles involved in the phenomena of reflection and refraction of images. Come and enjoy the wonderful world created by Mirrors and Images at Shrikrishna Science Centre, Patna.

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